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Angela Atherley-Hernandez

  Certified Residential Appraiser
  FHA Approved
  On most lenders approved panels and lists
  Over 21 yrs. experience in the real estate industry
  Serving most of Clark and parts of Nye County
  Specializing in the Luxury market (properties $1 Million and up, 10+ yrs. exp.)
  High-rise units, codominiums, penthouses & custom homes
  EDI capable (fully electronic services)Angela Atherley-Hernandez

Types of Appraisals:
- Residential, single and multi-family
- Manufactured homes  
- Vacant Land (residential)
- 2-4 Units (duplex to fourplex)
- REO appraisals
- Drive by appraisals
- Divorce, probate, estate and tax planning appraisals (including retrospective)
- Other legal purposes
- Proposed Construction

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Looking to buy or sell?  Angela Hernandez is also a licensed Realtor with Realty One and can help you with your real estate needs. Not sure which way to go? We offer free consultation services helping guide you as to the best direction to meet your needs.